Mobile Phone Launching Service

Process Diagram for Mobile Phone Launching

Merits of joining and launching a mobile phone offered by E9VISA Co., Ltd.

Until issuance of a certificate of alien registration from the Korean government(for a period of 2~3 months), foreign workers cannot use a mobile phone. The communication service may not be provided to them because they cannot meet the qualifications for joining and launching procedure required by telecommunication businesses in Korea.

In other words, a foreign worker, who wants to use a mobile phone may get one after applying for the alien registration at the office of city, district or county which has jurisdiction over the residential area, or the immigration office, and opening a bank account under the name prescribed in the alien card which has been issued after a considerable period of time (2~3 months). At this time, the applicant shall apply for registration after purchasing a mobile phone terminal at an agency of telecommunication business, which takes another 2~3 months, including considerable efforts.

However, E9VISA Co., Ltd , which has concluded a business tie-up with KT, a telecommunication business in Korea, can immediately provide foreign workers a fast, simple and cheap service for joining and launching procedure though they do not have an alien card.

Facilitating communication by using native language counseling center

01a foreign worker shall go to an overseas branch of E9VISA Co., Ltd. to fill in a registration application form of KT Mobile Communication Business after conclusion of employment contract with the employer from Korea.

02the mobile phone in operation will be handed over by the head office of E9VISA Co., Ltd. in Korea to the new comer, who has arrived in Korea and stayed in an educational institution for 2~3 days.

03it is possible to use the mobile phone right after being received, and the mobile charge will be withdrawn one month later from the bank account (Hana Bank) of the foreign worker by KT, which provides the foreign worker with convenience.

04if you have any question related to use of mobile phone, feel free to ask the counselor working at the overseas branch or the counseling center at the head office of E9VISA Co., Ltd. in Korea, who can speak your native language. So, the company expects a lot of foreign workers based on the E9VISA will use the KT mobile communication service.