Company Outline

The main businesses of E9VISA Co.,Ltd. are as follows:

01 Financial transaction services for foreign workers to remit their money to the family in their own country legitimately at lower costs

02 Communication service to help foreign workers use a mobile phone right after they enter Korea

03 Financial service to grant loans in advance for foreign workers, which will be used for the expenses such as educational spending, airfare and others to be paid prior to leaving their country

Representative Jeon, Hyuk Goo
Date of Establishment Aug. 1 2007
Type of Business Service Capital 1 Billion Won(900,000$)
Major Business Financial Business, unsecured and secured business,
Communication enrollment arrangement service and ets.
Location of Head Office 166-1 3F, Jowon-ro, Gwanak-gu, Seoul
Home Page Contact Number 02-877-7200
Business Registration Number 119-86-00332